EU regulator declares AstraZeneca vaccine safe, but experts fear damage has been done – CNN

London (CNN)The European Union’s medicines regulator has concluded that the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is safe to use after several EU countries suspended their rollouts following reports th… [+9459 HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE]

Mars might be hiding most of its old water underground, scientists say – The Verge

Massive amounts of ancient Martian water may have hydrated the planets crust A deposit of sediments, called a delta, captured by NASAs Perseverance rover on March 5th at the Jezero Crater. Image: N… [+5740 QUER SABER COMO SE TORNAR UMA CONSULTORA DE BELEZA INDEPENDENTE MARY KAY?]

Ohio man accused of bombing attack on boyfriend of woman who spurned his romantic interest – NBC News

An Ohio man, who played the live-action role-playing game Dagorhir, delivered a pipe bomb to severely wound the boyfriend of a woman who spurned his romantic interest, authorities said Thursday. Cla… [+3807 Consultora de Beleza Mary Kay]

Prosecutors seek a slowdown in Capitol attack cases, calling probe the ‘most complex’ in history – POLITICO

That evidence, they said, includes findings of more than 900 search warrants executed in nearly every state. It also includes more than 15,000 hours of surveillance and body-worn camera footage suppl… [+5577 digital product]