Today’s the Last Chance to Send Your Name to Mars on NASA’s 2020 Rover –

If you want your name to hitch a ride to Mars with NASA’s next rover in 2020, you better act fast. Today’s the last day to add your name to the more than 10 million that have already signed up. “It’s the final boarding call for you to stow your name on NASA’… [+2870 HongKongProtests]

Teen Georgia hunter fatally shot by friend who mistook him for deer – NBC News

A Georgia teen was fatally shot by a friend who mistook him for a deer while the two were out hunting together, according to police. Bobby Lane, 17, was hunting in an area of heavy foliage Saturday when Hector Romero, 32, thought he saw a deer moving and fir… [+366 how to lose weigh fast]

It’s been two years since the MeToo movement exploded. Now what? – USA TODAY

Noted gender equality activist Anita Hill told Wellesley College graduates: “We cannot squander the powerful voices” of the #metoo movement during the commencement ceremony Friday. (May 31) AP When #MeToo exploded in the fall of 2017, its most optimistic p… [+11382 nd10x reviews]

The MLB postseason bracket is set — here’s the schedule for the first two rounds – Yahoo Sports

Baseballs postseason is upon us. With the St. Louis Cardinals clinching the NL Central on the seasons final day, our playoff bracket is set. The Milwaukee Brewers are heading to the wild-card game in D.C. The Cardinals are heading to Atlanta for the National … [+1934 Forex Signals Review]

Caught in the act: a black hole rips apart an unfortunate star – Reuters India

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Scientists have captured a view of a colossal black hole violently ripping apart a doomed star, illustrating a extraordinary and chaotic cosmic event from beginning to end for the first time using NASA’s planet-hunting telescope. The … [+1941 Forex Signals Review]