Bill Maher defends Israel, rips ‘liberal media’ and ‘Bella Hadids of the world’ – Fox News

“Real Time” host Bill Maher weighed in on the Israel-Gaza conflict Friday night after canceling last week’s show following his positive coronavirus test result.  He quickly took issue with the “libe… [+4855 Cute doodles em português]

Biden’s Plan: President to Propose $6 Trillion Budget to Boost Middle Class, Infrastructure – The New York Times

Mr. Biden will also express support for Congress allowing Americans as young as 60 years old to enroll in Medicare, and for efforts in Congress to reduce federal spending on prescription drugs, inclu… [+2821 Cute doodles em português]

Arm Announces Mobile Armv9 CPU Microarchitectures: Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710 & Cortex-A510 – AnandTech

It’s that time of the year again, and after last month’s unveiling of Arm’s newest infrastructure Neoverse V1 and Neoverse N2 CPU IPs, it’s now time to cover the client and mobile side of things. Thi… [+5934 Cute doodles em português]